VoyageLA: Meet Nikki Black

“Anime and the various tropes therein have also played a big role in shaping any character I’ve ever hosted as. If hitting the bong and playing with an Ouija board while the Mii Channel music plays in the background is appealing to you, you’ll like me.”

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After starting comedy in college at the age of 19, Nikki chased her passions all the way to L.A., where she's currently a rising stand-up star. She uses the stage as an opportunity to break down barriers, offering personal anecdotes about breast cancer and mental health.

Nikki Black Wants Her Comedy To Make Everyone Uncomfortable

"Through a delivery that is soft (when compared to the loud, boisterous, and bordering on obnoxious deliveries of most comics, local and national), almost deadpan, Black’s comedy has audiences rolling shortly after taking the mic in her hand. Her routines tread into familiar comedic territory (dealing with conservative family members, trials in love and sex) and also into surreal–yet nevertheless just as hilarious–realms, such as her routine about “ghost boners,” which she often presents with illustrated accompaniment." - bit

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"Nikki Black performed this hilarious set about facing a breast cancer diagnosis, just a week after receiving the news." - Refinery 29

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"At the age of 23, Nikki Black was diagnosed with breast cancer and decided to laugh about it. A week after being diagnosed, Black took the stage with a glass of wine in hand to joke about not being able to run a marathon or breastfeed a child." - Bustle

Geek of the Week: Nikki Black, Podcaster and Host of House of Black Steampunk Comedy Show

"Very few of us can claim (with third party support to back it up, anyway) to be multi-talented, artistic, entertaining, sweet AND inspirational at the same time. Nikki Black is an exception to this rule." - Geekadelphia