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Nikki Black attracts the attention of a college werewolf, but it goes a little too far.

stand up, stories and s'more

I Am An Unhinged Victorian Woman

Depression? Melancholy? Fear of an impending day of reckoning for our embrace of newfangled technologies? You'll find the cure at Mistress Black's House of Comedy! The Victorian era duchess of dark comedy chats it up with Jo Pincushion in this episode of Creepy Basement.

ScrappleTV Presents "Welcome to Anhedonia." This week's episode features Rodney Anonymous of "The Dead Milk Men" Jef, Artie and Scram apply to college! Special Guest Appearance by Rodney Anonymous from the Dead Milkmen! Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Facebook

I Am The Voice of An Angel
animation by joe bell

I Need This Vacation
There are many noble causes on GoFundMe, some just don't add up. Share this video to help us guilt trip as many people as possible. NSFW language! OUTTAKES: Thank you so much for watching!! New videos Mondays and Wednesdays! Subscribe: GoFundMe pages don't usually have videos, but this is how I imagine the pages personified.